• washhelpdesk.blogspot.com
    A blog where you can post new questions or where you can search on keywords in the archive.
  • www.thesaurus.watsan.net
    Interwater thesaurus; an online thesaurus where numurous definitions can be found. Search on category or on descriptor.
  • www.indiawaterportal.org
    This Indian Water Portal is a platform for sharing water management knowledge amongst a broad public. It contains a large database with maps, meteorological data, water balances and much more...
  • www.irc.nl/docsearch/advancedsearch
    A search tool of IRC to find publications in a large database.
  • hidrokids.guanajuato.gob.mx
    Spanish website with explanation on aquifers in Mexico. Very extended with lots of material especially for children.
  • www.dpcprints.com
    On this website water illustrations can be found from various artists.
  • wedc.lboro.ac.uk/img_library/index.php
    Online library of the Water, Engineering and Development Centre

  • www.cap-net.org
    Cap-Net is an international network for capacity building in IWRM. It is made up of partnerships of regional, national and international institutions and networks. On this websites tutorials, tools and databases can be found.
  • www.irc.nl
    Website of the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre. A lot of information on a broad range of topics within the water sector. An extensive database with publications is available.
  • www.metameta.nl
    Homepage of MetaMeta. MetaMeta tries to bridge the gap between knowledge suppliers and practitioners through a range of services in capacity building, training and communications. More information on their products can be found on their website.

Water Art

  • Development Art
    A website for development-related art. If you need illustrations for a development-oriented publication, poster or website, but you can't draw, this site is for you.

Water Education

General Training Information

  • www.itrainonline.org
    Site where all kinds of training material can be found. From basic skills to multimedia.
  • www.cnet.com
    Very extended site with lots of multimedia information. You can also enroll in short online courses.


  • www.worldmapper.org
    Worldmapper owns a collection of worldmaps on many topics. Permission to use the maps should be asked but is usually granted to non-profit organisations.
  • www.mapmaker.com
    A free version of the program Map Maker is available for basic mapping.
  • www.fallingrain.com
    Large database with maps from all over the world. Search on country and place to find detailed information on altitudes.

    Sending files
  • www.yousendit.com
    Sending easily large files, which are too large for your own mailbox.


  • www.pptminimizer.com
    Very simple program to decrease the size of you presentations enormously (not free).
  • www.magix.com
    Program to manage pictures (not free).
  • www.panavue.com
    Program to make 360 degrees view and to stich your pictures in to a panoramic view.


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