The Resource Website is developed as a partnership between different organizations. Initially MetaMeta Communications and CAP-NET have discussed and agreed to get the Resource Website going, but involvement and support from other partners/organizations is being sought. MetaMeta will develop and manage the Resource Website.

The Resource Website aims to be a resource base on developing communication and training materials for organizations that provide training/ knowledge transfer in water management or are involved in water awareness activities.

The content will consist of a range of short introductions (do’ s and don’ts, tips and tricks, FAQs), checklists, sample materials (good/worst practices), ToT presentation, easy-to-use master layouts, FAQ’s and resources (reference to practical guidelines, rapid get-started guides). The contents will as much as possible relate to training and awareness building in water management. The material on the website is mainly focussed on the communicational side of these trainings. The website will provide water managers and persons working in water education/ awareness with communication tools which they can use during preparation of training and communication materials. Additionally, the website will contain a large and practical links database, making the site the international place to go for information on training and communication in water.